Think about it…

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Modern action figures have been around for more than 60 years and it seems there’s hardly a niche left to explore.  At Brainiaction Toys, we melded our childhood love of action figures AND grown-up appreciation for science and created the All-Stars of Science.  These action figures are an homage to the real, extraordinary people who achieved things so wondrous they would seem perfectly at home in the fictional worlds where most action figures live: splitting atoms, taming electricity, harnessing radioactivity, and peering into the helix of the very foundation of life.

We think it’s time the fictional adventurers and imaginary superheroes on our shelves had the company of the real and extraordinary people of science. And, in addition to fictional daring and imagined exploits, we can also think on these All-Stars of Science and how their intellect, innovation, and curiosity shaped our real world.

The All-Stars of Science are retro-styled, basically articulated, and about 1/15 scale (just under 5 inches tall) action figures in the likenesses of notable scientists. To us, retro-style evokes a familiar, nostalgic vibe and the figures have a hand-sculpted design aesthetic that makes them both art pieces and toys. The joints have the basic five points of articulation (head, shoulders and hips) and they come classically packaged on a blister card.

Whether you want to make a statement about what you value or just love collecting action figures, the All-Stars of Science are refreshingly unique and original additions to your shelf, desk, or even classroom. They are eye-catching anywhere you place them and are guaranteed conversation starters.