Rosalind Franklin

Conducted pioneering research on the microstructures of coal and viruses

Series One Action Figure

(Images are prototypes)


Rosalind Franklin was quite the trailblazer. Born in 1920, she was a British chemist who did pioneering research on the microstructures of coal and viruses and was an integral member of the group of scientists that confirmed the helical structure of DNA. She also used her considerable skill in X-ray crystallography to take the famous “Photo 51” that showed the double helix structure of DNA. Talk about putting your stamp on history!

She was an inspiring and motivating researcher to those who worked with her, and she confronted sexism in science head on. If Rosalind were alive today, she would chuckle knowing she has become something of an icon amongst women in science. A feisty perfectionist to the end, you can bet she would be whispering words of encouragement whenever they faced challenges.

This action figure honors Rosalind Franklin because she was a gifted scientist who conducted diverse, landmark research in her short life. She is an inspiration and reminder that you can achieve great things with intellect, dedication and hard work! Included is a microscope to pay tribute to her laboratory skills and scientific career.

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